Designed around the different uses of the project’s spaces, 100 Hooper will be a LEED Platinum complex at the intersection of tech-forward office; innovative production areas for makers, innovators, and craftspeople performing design, light manufacturing, production, and distribution (PDR); and retail space capable of operating as a sit-down restaurant, brewery, coffee roaster, or winery – right here in San Francisco.



~86,000 sf of light industrial production space with storefront options and retail opportunities, bringing local makers right to the street level.

(~53,000 sf currently available, flexible and divisible by ~2,200 to ~15,400 sf.)

  • Floor capacity of 125 lbs/sf and up to 18’3” ceilings          

  • Operable storefronts for natural light and ventilation     

  • Roll-up doors in select locations               

  • Direct street access with traditional and curbside loading             

  • Opportunities for up to 27,600 sf shared retail space



Up to ~16,000 sf available for potential sit-down restaurant, brewery, coffee roaster, or winery

  • Direct access to The Commons, public areas and Channel Street

  • Both traditional and curbside loading

  • Retail space available for various PDR uses

  • Opportunities for shared retail space

  • Potential indoor/outdoor retail space, connected to The Square - a 10,000 sf public plaza



315,000 sf of LEED Gold certified, tech-forward office space, designed to encourage collaborative innovation, leased to Adobe.

  • Large flexible floor plates with multiple side core lobbies             

  • Multiple common areas, outdoor view balconies and roof deck opportunities    

  • Flexible, modern HVAC systems              

  • 11’4” ceiling heights, with operable floor-to-ceiling windows      

  • Highly visible from Interstate 280 for branding


10,000 sf of outdoor gathering space at the end of the Commons, directly adjacent to California College of the Arts, inviting the ongoing exchange of progressive ideas and an unlimited variety of events.


A 40-foot-wide pedestrian street flanked by production and retail spaces, offering an organic communal experience.

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